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Many are now wondering what will happen to real estate in Germany during / after the so-called “pandemic” of the coronavirus: will it fall in price, will there be many new properties, in which real estate is it worth investing?

Already, many economists, as well as real estate market analysts agree that the real estate market in Germany will not suffer, on the contrary, it will be in even greater demand for the following reasons.


A strong economy, thoughtful legal system, political stability, and a high standard of living - these factors make Germany particularly attractive to foreign investors who see real estate in Germany as a "safe haven" in terms of investing and preserving capital.


For our clients who want to buy residential real estate, both for the purpose of investment (rental) and for their own use, we recommend considering new buildings for the following reasons: • there is a choice of apartments (you can choose the most suitable layout, floor, decoration - as a rule, 5 decoration lines are offered for selection).


Real estate prices in Germany depend on several factors:
First, this is, of course, the geographic location.

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