Commercial Real

Germany attracts investors for its stability, relatively low prices and well-thought-out legislation. Smart investments will provide a guaranteed regular income and capital preservation. The socio-economic situation in Germany allows you to live and do business in a stable and comfortable environment.

The most profitable for investments are objects located directly in the top-7 cities of Germany, prices in which real estate regularly grow, so the objects have high liquidity, in compare to highly-profitable objects in other, not very economically healthy regions of Germany.  

Our portfolio always has attractive properties: office centers, supermarkets, hotels and other commercial properties in economically attractive regions of Germany.

We can select the appropriate properties according to your budget and individual criteria and wishes.

According to expert estimates, the German real estate market will develop rapidly, and major German cities are rated as the most promising for doing business.

Using a wide range of ESTATE-SERVICE24 features, you can purchase a commercial property in Germany that will best meet your needs.

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