What will be with
the German real
estate market in
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What will be with the German real estate market in the context of the coronavirus epidemic?

Что станет с  недвижимостью в Германии в условиях коронавируса?
Many are now wondering what will happen to real estate in Germany during / after the so-called “pandemic” of the coronavirus: will it fall in price, will there be many new properties, in which real estate is it worth investing?

Already, many economists, as well as real estate market analysts agree that the real estate market in Germany will not suffer, on the contrary, it will be in even greater demand for the following reasons:

- Germany has shown its readiness for any plan for turbulence in connection with competent leadership and thoughtful legislation of the country;

- A strong German economy will recover quite quickly compared to the economies of other countries;

- amid the dubious future of the euro and the dollar (not to mention the ruble), investments in liquid real estate were, are and will be - a reliable guarantee of preserving capital;

As for the flooding of the market with new facilities at bargain prices - this should not be expected. The shortage of properties in recent years is due, in particular, to the fact that in addition to a large number of foreign buyers, local investors are very enthusiastic about buying quality properties in Germany at low credit rates.

What does liquid real estate in Germany mean, taking into account the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, and in which real estate is it most reliable to invest?

- First of all, it is real estate in economically healthy regions of Germany (TOP-7 cities and their regions within a radius of 20-30 km): Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Dusseldorf.

- on the residential real estate market (both for private use and as profitable real estate) - demand will greatly exceed supply until at least 2030, so investing in this segment eliminates any risks (once again, this concerns economically healthy regions of Germany );

- in addition to housing, the next urgent human need is food, so large chain supermarkets were, are and will be a reliable investment tool, regardless of external and internal circumstances;

- hotels may fall in price by 10 - 15%, but here it is also necessary to take into account that in large cities in Germany, hotel chains live not so much from tourism as such, but from guests who come for business or major exhibitions. A tangible decline in hotel prices is possible in resort towns or regions with poorly developed economies.

Our portfolio always has current commercial (stores, office buildings, apartment buildings, etc.) and residential real estate (apartments, houses, villas).

Upon individual request, we will select the property that will best meet your criteria.
4*  конференц-отель с договором аренды во Франкфурте на Майне

4* Conference hotel

2-х комнатная квартира во Франкфурте на Майне

Apartments new development

3-комнатная квартира в новостройке в пригороде Франкфурта на Майне

Apartments new development

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