About the company

We are values for quality and reliable service!

We successfully selling liquid, profitable real estate to our customers in the CIS countries directly from Frankfurt am Main.

What does liquid real estate mean in Germany and in which real estate is it safest to invest? First of all, these are properties in economically healthy regions of Germany (TOP 7 cities and their regions within a radius of 20-30 km): Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Düsseldorf.⁠

For customers who want to invest in residential real estate, we offer the following investment properties:

  • apartments in new buildings for rent
  • apartment packages
  • student apartments
  • packages of serviced apartments in nursing homes
  • apartment buildings

At the request of our customers, we also look for private properties for their own use (apartments, houses, villas), on request we can find high-quality, certified contractors for individual solutions for interior design.

Investments in residential and commercial real estate in economically healthy regions of Germany are a safe investment, capital preservation and capital growth!

We advise you on all the necessary questions and provide you with comprehensive support in all phases, from the preparation of a real estate transaction and construction control to commissioning or rental including property management.

Our services also include: registration of companies for real estate management in Germany, opening of accounts with German banks, assistance with lending for real estate acquisition, architecture and construction work, registration of residence permits, etc.

Our portfolio always offers commercial properties with long-term contracts:

  • hotels
  • retail
  • offices
  • medical facility
  • supermarkets
  • development projects

Real estate broker license for Germany № 32.1.901185-1470