GmbH Registration

Foreigners (both individuals and legal entities) may register a business in Germany in the form of GmbH that is the most convenient legal form for foreigners.

Germany is the country that can be called a symbol of stability, law and order. The sustainable economy, social security, the banking system reliable for depositors allows to conduct business in the safe environment without fear of losing it in a single day as a result of any political or other changes in the country.

The minimum amount of the GmbH authorized capital is EUR 25,000 (after transferring it to the company account, this amount can be used at your own discretion, for example to develop the company, to rent an office, etc.). Initially it is allowed to contribute 50% of the authorized capital minimum amount, i.e., EUR 12,500.

Company Registration

In Germany, both individuals and legal entities may run own business, irrespective of their nationality.

The scope of services provided by ESTATE-SERVICE24 for registration of legal entities:

1) Preparation of documents: approval of the company name and type of business with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

2) Drafting constituent documents of the company and articles of incorporation;

3) Certification of the company’s articles of incorporation with a notary in the presence of a sworn translator;

4) Opening of a corporate account with a German bank;

5) Granting tax advisor for the company accounting support;

6) Registration with the municipality;

7) Provision of the registered address;

8) Search of office for rent or purchase.

ESTATE-SERVICE24 will help you pass all the bureaucratic procedures and make the correct choice quickly and easily!

ESTATE-SERVICE24 ensures complete confidentiality with respect to information received from the client and transactions.

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