What are the
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What are the advantages of buying private property in Germany?

According to economists, prices for real estate in Germany (especially in large cities) will only grow in the coming years. Therefore, if you plan to buy the private property, for example an apartment building, for the purpose of further letting, the return on such an investment can be obtained in a fairly short time.

Well-thought-out legislation excludes the risks of investing in real estate. Referring to ESTATE-SERVICE24, you do not have to understand all the subtleties of German laws – our experts will select optimal private or investment real estate for you, which will ensure a guaranteed and stable income.

The cost of housing in Germany is several times less than in other European countries. This is despite the fact that Germany is one of the most stable (economically and politically) countries in the world with a high standard of living.

An important advantage of buying the private property in Germany is the fact that you will easily get a Schengen multivisa with a maximum stay of 90 days within six months.

Germany is located in the heart of Europe and from here you can reach other European countries in just a few hours. More than half of Germany’s population does not live in their own apartments, but they rent housing, therefore, the demand for both residential and commercial real estate in large cities and suburbs is extremely high.

4*  конференц-отель с договором аренды во Франкфурте на Майне

4* Conference hotel

2-х комнатная квартира во Франкфурте на Майне

Apartments new development

3-комнатная квартира в новостройке в пригороде Франкфурта на Майне

Apartments new development

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