What are the
forecasts for the
rise in property
prices in Germany?

What are the forecasts for the rise in property prices in Germany?

Каковы прогнозы по росту цен на недвижимость в Германии?

On average, the annual growth in real estate prices in Germany is about 4-6% per annum. But in recent years, the five largest cities (Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, and Stuttgart) have shown a higher growth in real estate prices.

Investors from all over the world want to invest in Germany for many reasons:

- Germany is one of the most stable (economically and politically) countries in the world with a high standard of living.

- According to the economists, real estate prices, both private and commercial (especially in large cities in the western lands of Germany) will continue to grow in the coming years. Also, rental rates are also growing – by about 2-3% per year.

- The guaranteed profitability of commercial real estate in Germany, comfortable living conditions, and the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the future attract foreigners to the German real estate market.

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